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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Funny Conversation...

Picktownrugby2: how old are you if you don't mind my asking?
Picktownrugby2: late 20's? early 30's?
allimcbeal_69: 38
Picktownrugby2: no shit?
allimcbeal_69: lol, i look like eddie van halen
allimcbeal_69: and am only emotionally
Picktownrugby2: ROFL!
allimcbeal_69: 16
Picktownrugby2: shit that's a riot
allimcbeal_69: it helps for poker :)
allimcbeal_69: i look like a goof

Friday, June 11, 2004

Playing On Party...Can It Get Any Better?

It's been awhile since I've posted, but then there hasn't been MUCH poker action recently. I split a $160 kitty with a friend one night, and I got $30 from my friend who won a tournament that I hosted. Other than that, all the poker that I've played have been small wins here and there, enough to pay for poker/gas/girlfriend (whom I love spending my money on!)

I recently graduated, and thus had a graduation party. Only family came for the most part, but I had no problems with this as I don't really like huge gatherings. I always feel like I must appease everyone, even the people I don't like. Nonetheless, I had family over and, like most high school graduates, received a nice sum of money. I finally opened my own checking account, hoping to get an account on Party. Turns out, I'm not allowed to get a VISA type checking account, so I can only use my debit card at the ATM's. This means that I can't make a deposit into Party because I don't have the 3 digit security code. Such is that. I then asked my friend if he'd make a deposit for me with his debit card. I gave him the money, and he came and did it for me.

I was so ecstatic, that the moment he left, I started playing. I started at 11:30 p.m. I was at 1 .5/1 table, and was down for about 15 minutes. I then dragged down my first big pot, around $17, and didn't look back. I proceeded to up my bankroll to $130, which I eventually started sitting on 2 .5/1 tables, and was raking in the dough. I played until around 6 a.m., where my bankroll had finally settled down to around $110. I had started to play very badly, what with opening my starting hands to some very bad ones, and proceeding to go on tilt after a couple of bad beats (especially runner runner for quad queens).

My life is starting to settle down. I bought my girlfriend a "promise" ring. I have been wanting to buy her a ring for a long time, but I finally knew that the time was right and purchased her a nice 3 diamond ring. I'm going to college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh on July 8. That's the move-in date. I'm pretty excited. The other day, I was on Ohio State University's campus, and I was on the main college street, and I just loved the atmosphere. I know I'm going to love my college even more, because it's in the deep heart of Pittsburgh, among all the hustle and bustle. I'm going to keep more detailed accounts on my poker playing starting tonight, so please stay tuned for my further posts.

As always, drop me a line whenever you want. I love e-mailing back and forth with people, but have few clientele: .

At the moment, I'm listening to Michael Jackson - Billie Jean.