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Monday, May 10, 2004


All I ever daydream about these days is my girlfriend...and poker. I'm sure she'll be real happy to hear that, but that's life. I'm sitting here in my third period Literature IV class, while also writing snippets in my Advanced Cable Broadcasting class, and yet some more at home, all while being bored out of my mind, but thinking about all the scheduled poker I have this weekend, and how I made ammends with my friend. You might recall me being concerned about our friendship as he got knocked out on a very bad beat. To recall the story in a somewhat abridged way...

Ralston had been losing ever since I had joined his home game. He finally was up, somewhere around $40 worth of chips, and was excited because he was finally about to pull down his first big win in a long time, and he needed it. He was on his last $20 that his mom had lent him for gas money. He was with another friend and I, so the next person to get knocked out probably wouldn't finish with any money at all. He went all-in with A6, and Aaron had A10. Flop came Ax6, and Jeremy was as happy as could be. Turn came a blank, and the river came a 10. Ralston was so frustrated at this point that he got up from the table, didn't shake anyone's hand, didn't go say goodnight to his girlfriend who was sleeping upstairs, and most importantly didn't join us for the after hours Waffle House goings-on that he had so diligently planned earlier that evening.
I had felt bad, in a way, because all Aaron was doing was laughing at Ralston's extreme misfortune, once again, and at the fact that Ralston had lost self-control, once again. I couldn't help but smile at Aaron's nagging, but it didn't seem to phase Ralston, so I started to laugh because I thought he was going to take it like a champion and be back at it the next week. However, he got up and left and I thought he was not only mad at me, but also mad at Aaron. So I saw Ralston today at school and he seemed generally happy. I asked if he was pissed off with me, but he wasn't in the least. He said he was just so angry at himself for losing focus. He has worked extremely hard to maintain focus during the beginning and mid portions of the night, but once 4 a.m. rolls around, he's ready for bed. When gas money's on the line, you just can't have that mentality. He is also beginning to have relationship problems with his girlfriend of 4 years. He's about to go to college and things are starting to get rocky for him. Ralston: I wish you the best of luck with all your endeavors, my friend. I'll be there for you whenever you need me. Needless to say, after Ralston left, Aaron and I weren't in much of a mood to finish a winner-takes-all-heads-up match, so we split the pot, which ended up being $63 a piece because one person left early with a $10 cash-out.

Onto some more cheery matters ----- 14 days of school left (13 if you count senior skip day) and do you know what comes when Summer hits? Poker, every single day. I've found alot of home games to attend, and alot of people who are interested in getting in some of my games. ----- My girlfriend and I will have been going for 17 months on Thursday. Each day that passes by makes me fall in love with her that much more. ----- School is going much better for me this 6 weeks. I dicked around a whole lot last semester, not giving a shit about anything. This 6 weeks, however, I have to take much more seriously because if I skip ONE class or fail to turn in ONE assignment, I have to take EVERY exam. If I am a good kid, though, I don't have to take any exams, and that's 3 free days for poker. ----- I'm taking my step-mother to dinner tonight because I didn't want to get her anything for Mother's Day to begin with, but my dad made me. We'll probably go to Pizzeria Uno, as it's one of my favorite sit down restaurants. ----- I have 2 more league games left for rugby. I'm captain of the Pickerington Marauders, and we're doing real well this season. We placed 15th in the Midwest tournament out of 133 teams, and we're 8-6 for the season, the first time we've had a winning record going into the home stretch of the season. I'm really proud of our team, so if you live in the Columbus area, you should come check out some of my games.

Enter rant: "I find this sort of enjoyable; people have actually come up to me in the hallways and said "Hey, aren't you the really good poker player?" At this, I always digress and pick a different topic. If I believed I was really that good, then I'd bask in this new found popularity, but the thing is, I haven't played against that high caliber talent yet, and I certainly don't believe I'm ready. I think this is a lesson to be learned for alot of people. Don't let things get to your head. For instance, I know that I'm better at fixing computers than reading my opponents in poker, so when there's an opportunity to fix computers rather than going to play poker, I do the former. I think people tend to believe they're a "god" at something as soon as they hear one person say how 'good' they are. There was a senior in my high school who was the biggest jock ever. He got drunk every night (yes, every night), has fucked many girls in the school, and yet still had everything going for him. He was a decent running back, but an unbelieveable kicker. He played soccer when he was young and played baseball until his junior year when he quit because things got to hard for him. As his 2nd semester approached, Ohio State began to scout him to be the starting punter. He turned 18, graduated early, and started playing for Ohio State in the spring to get warmed up for the big season. Every person that he's ever been around has projected him to be this behemoth of a human being. He just got arrested the other night for underage consumption and possesion, though I think a couple of the charges were dropped. My whole point to this story is such: Don't take things for granted. Just because a few people who are "close" to you and who want a piece of the pie tell you how big of a star you're going to become doesn't mean that's what you were meant to be. I think this happens alot in poker. People have one really good session, then they believe they were meant to play in the NL games in Vegas with the $10,000 buy-in's, and then they lost their entire bankroll. Stick with what's tried and true, and then build up experience slowly but surely. The games will still be there." End rant.

After talking with several people, I've begun to understand that beating the people in my home game is not so bad. I also believe that their time will come as well. It may or may not be against me, but it will come. I can't feel bad for beating them; they're gamblers, just as I am. They put their money up for grabs, and whoever comes out on top will end up winning it. I am just worried about friendships being ruined. Then I think some more, and I tie in my rugby team more and more with poker and friendships. During rugby games, everyone is an enemy. If somebody gets in my way, I stomp on their head and I run right through them. After the game, though, if somebody laid me out or was an exceptional scorer, I will walk over to that person and carry on a conversation with him. Of course, there are some players I hold grudges against, but I have begun to tie this into poker. Everyone who is playing is there to win money in poker games, just like everyone is trying to score and win the game during rugby. We are also playing to have fun, but everyone has alot more fun when they win. During the poker game, somethings are probably said that shouldn't be, but after the poker game it's almost as if they're forgotten. I usually don't remember anything anybody says after the game because I'm too focused on what's going on during the game. I suppose another moral I've learned is that I need to separate real life with poker life, while tieing the 2's everyday morals together. This has definitely helped me mature in a very short time.

I'm probably going to have a $15 buy-in home game on Friday. Our prom is on Saturday, which means most of my friends won't be able to join any games I put on/attend, but I have one friend who enjoys going to the Ohio Charity Gaming place, so we'll probably go there for the 2 p.m. tournament. I'm going to try and get a little bank roll and hit the $2-$4 game for a couple hours. On Sunday, I hope to find a game somewhere, but nothing is showing so far. And then on Monday, we're having our Senior Skip Day, and what better to celebrate 9 days of school left with a little poker. I'm scheduling a tournament, $10 buy-in with a $10 Add-on OR a $10 re-buy. My friends tend to like this setup, with everyone getting the same amount of chips. Blinds will raise every 45 minutes, to make sure the game doesn't go on for forever. Should be a large prize pool. Pending what amount we get, 3rd will probably get 10%, 2nd will get 25% and 1st will get 65%. Everyone seems to like this setup, so that's probably what it will be.

Enter rant/discussion. "Many people claim that I'm obsessed with Poker. Just yesterday, on the news was a story about how high school seniors are going to college and flunking out because all they do is play poker. First of all, I don't see this as being worse than becoming obsessed with drugs, or getting drunk every weekend. Parents should be happy their kids are playing poker. While it's still an obsession and if it gets too gluttonnous, then that's bad, but the fact still remains that poker is no game like "Tic-Tac-Toe." Poker, should one choose to play this way, involves much more mathematics, psychology, and social aspects than any college will ever be able to teach. Taking a final which determines whether you pass for the semester is no where near as exhausting as competeing in a heads up freeze out for a $2.5 million prize over a 5 day period. Parents just don't want to bother and try to understand because they are afraid of the truth; that it's actually better than what their kids COULD be doing. I know I can quit whenever I need to, because I have. When I don't have the money, I don't play. When I don't have enough money for some limits, I don't play that limit. I've never been late to an appointment, and I've never ditched family or friends for poker. My girlfriend has never once complained about me playing poker. However, my parents think I'm obsessed because they don't take the time to ask me questions about poker. My teachers don't know that a full house beats a flush, and all my peers who have never played a game of cards other than "Bullshit!" and "Egyptian Rat Screw" can all just piss off because they have no fucking clue. If I need to quit, I will, plain and simple. I'm in love with the game. I don't walk up to the starting basketball player who works out 6 times a week because I'm glad that he's doing something that he enjoys. I could give a shit whether he's obsessed with the game and that's all he thinks about. People need to realize that EVERYONE is obsessed with something in one form or another, and just because their views on something differ from mine doesn't give them the right to force them upon me." End rant/discussion.

That's it for now. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, so I have some catching up to do. I'm not sure if these posts leave my e-mail, so just in case it doesn't hit me up at

At the moment, I'm listening to Lil Zane feat. 112 - Callin' Me.


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